Can you believe this year is almost over with and We are about to walk into a New Decade.

What adventures await us?

What new opportunities will we receive?

What will be the next new ideas to take off?


It’s an exciting time to live in, just look around at all the Beauty that God has placed upon the earth.

All the knowledge that the world has and has used to advance life to an age of Information and technology is overwhelming at times, but look at what we have gained from all the wisdom given to man.

Everything over the years has brought us to now, we have everything at our fingertips, so what will we do with it? How will we use it?

The answers’ lye within us, Are we ready for this New Season coming in our lives? An Experience Age there calling it.

Let’s prepare our hearts and minds for what 2020 brings our way, knowing that Gods Favor, Protection, Blessings, Wisdom and Love…..

Will rest upon us and let us Experience Everything God has planned for us…..Let us all live life in this coming year 2020 with no regrets but giving it our all to finish what we start.

Embrace this coming New Decade, The Twenty’s and Experience Everything that God has for you in it!


I Pray Gods Mighty Hand of Protection Over You This Coming Decade. That His Loving, Healing Hands Would Heal You And Keep You And Your Family Healthy Always. May Your Business Prosper Abundantly With Overflow, And May You Know Which Doors To Walk Through And Which Doors To Close Tight. Amen

Blessings and New Experiences are coming our way in 2020! Be Ready for them :))

Happy New Year!!!! **2020**


P.S. Let’s post our New Years Resolutions 🙂 With All the Blessings Coming Our Way In 2020, I Know We got A Resolution In Us 🙂

**My New Years Resolution is to Take care of my Health & Body Better….

Your Turn…



  1. I cannot believe it is already going to be there year 2020 either?! Where are all the flying cars and hover boards running around? Maybe we will get there one day. I enjoyed the read though. 

    I think everyone out there should live life to the fullest. Enjoy what you have around you, because no one knows if they will make it to the ball drop on new years. I think that you have an awesome goal set up for 2020! I wish you the best! 

    MY goal for 2020 is to just take everything one day at a time. I have been overloaded the last few years with bad luck in the family, and trying to do everything myself became overwhelming. Just going to enjoy time with my dog and work hard each day 🙂 HAPPPY NEW YEARS!! 

    1. Thank you for your comments! I hope you have a Blessed, Peaceful, Loving and Stress-free 2020!!

      Happy New Years!! 🙂


  2. Hey Renea! Yes, it is amazing and wonderful at the same time… we are about to enter a new decade, the 2020s or let’s just call them 20s of this century!

    We are gradually replacing the years of the last century – the old 20s were the 1920s, now it is time for a new set of twenties! Isn’t it beautiful ? 🙂

    So let’s start living this new decade!

    Have a Happy New Year,


    1. Yes, it is Beautiful; the twenties will be Terrific!! Have a Blessed New Years!!

      Happy New Year!!


  3. Hello Renea, 

    A very positive article as we approach 2020, like you said, I can hardly believe 2019 is nearly over. 

    You asked what our new year resolutions might be for the coming year, and decade. 

    1/ I would like to spend more time with my very elderly mother, this will only come about if I deal with number 2

    2/ Look at trying to reduce my 9-5 hours by at least one day, this will require I tighten my belt but it can be done.

    3/ I would like to be more slimline, (I am a tad overweight) this i will achieve by reducing my snacking (especially in the evening) and using my bike more, (this was last year xmas present) 

    4/ I am currently researching ways to make money online which will help with number 2 goal, I have looked at your earlier recommendation for affiliate marketing and feel this is a good route. 


    1. Those are great goals for 2020!! Hope you have a Blessed New Year!! Wealthy Affiliate is the best to me, I have learn everything I know about websites and marketing through the training. Happy New Year!!!

      Blessings to you,


  4. The coming New Year comes to all of us in a very different dimension. The way we see it is different. To some, it’s a year of reaping, while to some a year of hard work. Every one of us have plans and we truly need to prepare our hearts and mind for what the year 2020 may bring.

    And just like you said, we should all live our lives in this coming year with no regrets but giving it our all and to finish what we started.

    We all need to take a New Year’s resolution we could work on to improve our lives. I have decided that next year, I would take the time to experience gratitude—that feeling of appreciating all the blessings in my life. With this I can be more patient, save more money and even eat healthier. And it will also give me the psychological strength I need to achieve other goals in the new year as well

    And thanks for the prayer. I believe that the coming New Year will be a remarkable year for me, and of course yours.

    Thank you for this article.

    1. 2020 will be a remarkable New Year! Thank you for commenting! 

      Blessings and a Happy New Years!!


  5. Hello Renea, Thank you for writing on A NEW DECADE and sharing your new year Resolutions. Every one have some new year resolutions like you. Mine is to gain success in online world while remain feet and healthy. Health plays an import role in everything we want in our life. Thank you for helping me to choose my resolution of the coming year 2020.


    1. Thank you for commenting!! Health is so important, I have more compassion for anyone who goes through health issues now that I have been going through it. Hope you have a Great 2020!!!

      Blessings and a Happy New Years!!


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