TRUST Trusting people can be hard, especially in the days we live in. We have to look past everything going on around us and look at how we can Believe in each other.     When we let our walls come down, start talking to one another and just getContinue Reading

PEACE It’s a Beautiful Sunny Day, what a perfect time to clear your head and refresh your mind, body and spirit.   Stay away from things that take you away from your Peace, if you need to turn off the TV and your phone, go ahead and do it.  Continue Reading

Stand Tall When the world is looking upside down, Look Up and Stand Tall for your Help comes from Above not from the world.   Keep a focused mind & go after your dreams! Do Not let the world distract you, Always stay encouraged and encourage others.   To growContinue Reading

LIFE HAPPENS When life gets crazy and your mind starts spinning, that’s when you stop, before everything blows up in front of you. There are days when it seems everything is going great. Your kids are listening, doing their home work, chores around the house are getting done and thenContinue Reading

25 Ways to Live Your Dreams 1. Create a Vision Board 2. Set Weekly Goals 3. Develop a Plan 4. Keep track of your accomplishments 5. Stop Procrastinating 6. Get Inspired 7. Keep a Goal Journal 8. Be Accountable – Choose Family or Friends 9. Set a Reasonable Time TableContinue Reading

Shine Your Light It’s Time we take a Stand and Let the World know what we Believe and know is the Truth. Jesus is Returning for a Bride without Spot or Blemish, will we be Ready for His return. He is Coming!! What Are We Doing To Reach The World?Continue Reading