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Be Encouraged Today & Everyday

ByRenea Jackson

Apr 4, 2020

Looking around at all that’s going on in the World will pull us down. We can’t listen to the news over and over hearing all the worries that are going on, it can make us depressed or mad.

So, let’s focus on Good things, Healthy living and Family time. There is literally so many things to occupy your mind and time with, to keep you busy during this season we are in.

I want to give you some Ideas to keep you Encouraged Today & Every day, so decide right now, your Not going to be sad about what’s going on in the World, but your going to Focus on Living Your Best Life Right Where You Are!

God is Always with you. He has Great Plans for your life and wants to give you His Love, Joy, Peace and Wisdom. During this time we need to keep our eyes focused on what’s important.

Family – Keep family close by, Letting them know that you Love them daily! Always be there for your loved ones because they will be there for you, But only if you treat them right. lol you know it’s true…

Friends – Friends can be like family, close friends are true. Your always there for each other, hanging out, having a good time. No cares in the world, just enjoying life.

It is important, especially during these times, to make sure that we are true friends to others, by letting them know we are here for them.

In the next couple of weeks or so Take time to rest and relax, get your Bible and read, renew your mind daily. You will find that there is so much peace in God.

You can form a deeper relationship with your Heavenly Father God during this time by prayer, seeking him to be over all of your life and surrendering your everything to Him. No Holding Back Any More, Go For All God Has For You!!



We must make a choice daily. What am I going to feed? Panic or Faith?

If you read more articles & watch more news on the problems than you read & think on the Word of God, then you will be feeding panic.

  • We can read Scripture, Meditate on it throughout our day.
  • Listen to some Worship Music, filling our homes with Worship and Praise…

Then when we get information about what’s going on in the World or our Lives, we can handle it. We will know that we are Protected by the One who holds it All. Sing it out loud…

He’s got the whole world in His hands, He’s got the whole world in His hands.

This is a moment to make a stand for what you Believe. Find your place and sore for God,

Let your Light Shine Bright for Him. He gave His All for you, Can you give your All for Him?

This is Gods People’s Time to Rise Up…

Are We Going To Step Up To The Challenge and RISE UP to Our Full Potential as the Body of Christ!!



Renea Jackson

I Love my Jesus & my Family with All my Heart, and would love to help make life so much easier for them. I was diagnosed in 2015 with sarcoidosis on the brain and spine and have not been able to do anything to provide for my family. Bills don't stop when you get sick but stress does get worse. This is my chance to try and help out in a way that I can and also help others at the same time. My heart has always been to help people, missions work is a desire of mine but I never got to go on a missions trip, I hope that something on the Blog will help and touch peoples hearts and lives. My Prayer for Everyone is that you will feel the Love and Peace of God from the first moment you land on this site and that He will Protect you and your families always, In Jesus Name, Amen!! Blessings, Renea

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