CHRISTMAS WEEK Ok I know this has been a year, but it’s Christmas Time! Let’s Remember to be Joyful and bring some Cheer to Life:) What do you have planned? Life doesn’t stop at your home, you make the atmosphere in your home, good or bad. Let’s choose good:) ThereContinue Reading

Happy New Year 2020   So Thankful To Be Alive And In A New Decade With My Family And Friends. Looking Forward To All The Memories That Are Made. 🙂 Don’t Waste Any Of Your Life. Embrace 2020 And See Where You Go. .  Have Your Greatest Year Yet! HappyContinue Reading

A NEW DECADE Can you believe this year is almost over with and We are about to walk into a New Decade. What adventures await us? What new opportunities will we receive? What will be the next new ideas to take off?   It’s an exciting time to live in,Continue Reading

Hello their, well all my kiddos and my hubby are sound asleep and I’m wide awake. It’s been a wonderful Christmas Day, Filled with laughter, kids enjoying their gifts and spending the day with Family was so much fun. Hope you had an Amazing Christmas Day! Now we get toContinue Reading

It’s A Wonderful Time of the Year Welcome, Come on in, What a beautiful time of the year. All the colors of the trees are changing. There’s a cool breeze in the air, it’s time for hot chocolate and all the wonderful goodies, that come this time of the year.Continue Reading