Feeling Empty And Searching For More: Emptiness To Abundance Part 3

Let’s continue our story of Faith: Eliza is seeking Gods Will for her life.


As Eliza’s faith journey continued, she often pondered the concept of the will of God. She knew it was more than following a set of rules or adhering to religious practices. It was about aligning her life with God’s purpose and seeking His guidance in every decision she made.

One day, during her morning prayer, Eliza felt a strong sense of conviction. She realized that while she had been helping others and growing in her faith, she needed to seek God’s specific direction for her life. She prayed earnestly, asking God to reveal His will to her.

Shortly after, an opportunity arose for Eliza to travel to a small village in a developing country as part of a missionary team. The village had been devastated by natural disasters, and the people were in dire need of assistance. Initially, Eliza felt apprehensive. It was a significant step out of her comfort zone, and she wasn’t sure if she was prepared for such a challenge.

Pastor James encouraged her, saying, “Sometimes, the will of God leads us to unexpected places. It’s in these moments that we grow the most and can make the greatest impact.”

After much prayer and reflection, Eliza felt a deep peace about the decision. She joined the missionary team and embarked on the journey, trusting that this was part of God’s will for her life.

Missions Field

The experience in the village was life-changing. Eliza saw firsthand the resilience and faith of the people, even in the face of immense hardship. She worked alongside the villagers, helping to rebuild homes, providing medical care, and sharing the love of Jesus. Despite the physical and emotional challenges, Eliza felt a profound sense of fulfillment. She knew she was exactly where God wanted her to be.

During her time in the village, Eliza met a young girl named Lila, who had lost her parents in the disaster. Lila’s story touched Eliza deeply, and she became a source of support and encouragement for the girl. Eliza helped Lila find a new home with a loving family in the village and ensured she had access to education and healthcare.

One evening, as Eliza and Lila sat under the stars, Lila asked, “How do you know what God wants you to do?”

Eliza smiled and replied, “Sometimes, it’s a quiet whisper in your heart. Other times, it’s a strong conviction or an open door that you feel led to walk through. It’s about listening, praying, and trusting that God will guide you.”

As the months passed, Eliza realized that the will of God was not a single, definitive plan but a journey of faith and obedience. It was about being open to God’s leading, even when it meant stepping into the unknown. She learned that God’s will often unfolded through her willingness to serve others and to be present in their lives.

Life of Service

When Eliza returned home, she brought with her a renewed sense of purpose. Her experience in the village had deepened her understanding of God’s will and strengthened her commitment to live a life of service. She continued her work at the church and expanded her outreach efforts, organizing mission trips and community service projects.

Eliza’s story became a powerful testimony of how seeking and following the will of God could transform not only her life but also the lives of those she touched. She learned that living in accordance with God’s will was a dynamic and ongoing process, one that required faith, courage, and a heart attuned to the whispers of God’s presence.

Always remember that you can hear God speaking to you in that still small voice or in the loud thunder. You just have to want to hear what He has to say. God is speaking we just have to listen and do. Now is the time to listen and do what God is asking of us. Seeking the will of God and know your purpose so you can finish this life race strong.

Blessings to you,


You Got This!!!

I pray that you will have peace in your decisions and plans you have and for a future that is filled with opportunities, favor, wisdom, love and Gods Will will be accomplished in your life!!