Feeling Empty And Searching For More: Emptiness to Abundance

Welcome, this week I want to share a series of stories with you that shows how we all are searching for something, something more to life. We may have a great job and beautiful family but still feel an emptiness inside that’s longing for more. But in this world there are so many of us that never understand that the More we are longing for is God(Jesus). This story is about a woman named Eliza and her journey to knowing why she’s feeling empty and searching for more in her life and her journey through life.

The Quiet Whisper

Eliza always believed she was just an ordinary person leading an ordinary life. She lived in a bustling city, worked a nine-to-five job at a marketing firm, and spent her weekends with friends and family. But something felt missing. Despite her busy schedule, a sense of emptiness lingered in her heart. She was feeling empty and searching for more to life.

One sunny Sunday, Eliza decided to take a walk in the nearby park. As she walked through the beautiful gardens, she noticed a small, quaint church tucked away in a corner. Drawn by a sense of curiosity and a strange pull in her heart, she decided to step inside.

The church was nearly empty, save for a few people scattered in the pews, deep in prayer. The tranquility of the place enveloped Eliza, and she found herself sitting down, feeling an unusual sense of peace. For a moment, she closed her eyes and whispered a simple prayer, “God, if you’re real, show me your presence.”

Days turned into weeks, and Eliza almost forgot about her quiet prayer in the church. However, subtle changes began to occur in her life. She started noticing the kindness of strangers, the beauty in nature, and an inexplicable calm during her hectic days. One evening, while reading a book about the lives of saints, Eliza felt a sudden urge to revisit the church.

God’s Presence

This time, she met Pastor James, the elderly minister who tended to the church. His warm smile and gentle demeanor made Eliza feel at ease. They began talking, and she shared her feelings of emptiness and her desire to know God’s presence in her life.

Pastor James listened intently and then said, “God often speaks to us in the quiet whispers of our hearts. It’s in the small, everyday moments that we can feel His presence if we open our hearts and minds to Him.”

Encouraged by their conversation, Eliza started dedicating a few minutes each day to silent prayer and reflection. She also began reading the Bible, finding solace and guidance in its words. Slowly but surely, she felt a transformation within herself. The emptiness that once consumed her was being filled with a profound sense of peace and purpose.


One night, Eliza had a vivid dream. She found herself standing in a vast, beautiful meadow. The sky was a brilliant shade of blue, and a gentle breeze caressed her face. In the distance, she saw a figure walking towards her. As the figure drew closer, Eliza realized it was Jesus. His presence radiated warmth and love, and His eyes were filled with compassion.

“Eliza,” He said softly, “I have always been with you. In your joys and in your struggles, I have walked beside you. Trust in me, and you will find the life you seek.”

Eliza woke up with tears in her eyes, but they were tears of joy. She knew she had truly encountered God. From that day forward, she lived with a renewed sense of faith and commitment. She sought to embody the teachings of Jesus in her daily life, showing love and kindness to everyone she met. No more feeling empty and searching for more, she had found what she was looking for.

Through her journey, Eliza learned that God’s presence is not always found in grand gestures or miraculous events but in the quiet, everyday moments of life. And by living a life of love, compassion, and faith, she discovered the true joy of walking in God’s light.

to be continued…