As I look back over the years, it’s so hard to believe how fast our children have grown upon us. It seems like yesterday I was pregnant with my firstborn Jarret, he was such a fun, loving, and caring child.

It was just us three for five years before his little sister Elizabeth came along. A short two years later, our youngest Jonathan arrived, we were Blessed with three bundles of Joy!

Elizabeth and Jonathan were both loving, caring, and each one loved having fun in their own ways. Jonathan never met anyone he didn’t make friends with. They all three have such big wonderful hearts.


Dwayne and I are so blessed with wonderful sisters and brothers (after 30 years of marriage, bro-in-laws become your brother and sis-in-laws your sister).

I remember this one Christmas, my sister got Jarret a Trampoline, he was four going on five, I believe I remember correctly:) (Hard remembering ages sometimes).

Jarret was so excited when he saw it, he ran and wanted on it right then.

He kept saying thank you to his Aunt even though she couldn’t hear him at her house. lol 

Here is a cool looking Trampoline check it out 🙂 

There have been so many occasions where family has blessed the kids with some really cool toys and clothes. I just love watching there faces when they open there gifts up, it’s priceless.

There was this one instance where my sister ask me to tell here some things the kids would like for Christmas, and I told her some of the things the kids had told me they would like, well I didn’t think about it anymore and went on with my shopping.

That year we had to postpone our Sisters Christmas due to sickness, so we had it after Christmas. My daughter had opened all her gifts we had gotten her and loved them.

When we got to the Sisters Christmas and time to open gifts, my daughter opened the gift my sister got her and started crying because it was the same gift we had already given her at our Christmas.

I could not believe I had let that happen, and I sure couldn’t believe she cried over it, needless to say, we had a long talk about that one. (Elizabeth was really young when this happen lol)

So always recheck with each other about the gifts. 

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Our Kids Grow Up So Fast

I have blinked my eyes, it seems like, and they all three have gotten grown on me. Jarret’s 26, Elizabeth is 20 and Jonathan 17. I still look at them as my baby’s, but they are Strong, Mature, Talented and, Smart Adults. 

It’s up to us as parents to guide and teach them in the right ways to go and do things, but then we have to trust them to do what is right and live there Life Believing they can do All things through Christ.

We have always enjoyed watching movies together as a family. I know we’ve probably watched all the Disney movies that I can think of.

We have always had the old TV’s that didn’t have great color or were just the heaviest thing you ever have seen and the sound, O my.

Well, about six years ago we finally bought a new flatscreen TV. It was Amazing watching a movie on such a vibrant, colorful TV and the sound was so cool, we should have gotten one way before. Check out my Review on a Zizo TV

Family Fun  

Making family fun time is a must; you can never have too much laughter or fun in your life.

So sometimes that means getting up and going to do something with your family, it may be hiking, playing ball, fishing, tennis or even bowling.

There are so many fun family ideas you can do out there or make up your own family time games; those are the most fun.

We have had a lot of fun times; some of my kids favorite memories are wrestling with there dad in the floor when they were little. Sledding down our hill when it snowed and hiking to beautiful waterfalls.

There have also been times when having a simple game night with snacks is just as wonderful. Find ways to bring your family together.

I remember when I was young, all of my family, Aunts, Uncles, cousins, and everyone coming over, and we would sing and eat and fellowship and sing some more, what great times those where.

You know we need to share more of our family stories so we can encourage each other’s Families to grow closer together again.

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May All Our Familes Find Enjoyment With One Another and Have Fun!:)

Enjoy Life,




  1. Beautiful post. I loved reading about your family gets along. Most families these days too busy to interact, but it seems you do not lack that.

    Thanks for sharing your family moments, which makes me want to gather my children to create more memories. It sounds like you have a phenomenal family. 

    1. Thank you so much! Family is so important.



  2. Your passion for your family and overall positivity really shines through your writing through your blog. I appreciate you sharing your personal experiences with your travels and life lessons. I wish you the best with your online business and your parenting! I’m sure many parents will be inspired by your content. 

    1. Thank you so much! 

      Blessings to you,


  3. Hi. I understand the heading and introduction is to share your family experiences with the reader. In general, the article is fun to read and you can almost associate with some of the events or moments shared. The honesty of the article stands out and because you are using your own experiences, it gives it more value. 

    You might want to check out the grammar tool in the article. There is a couple of mistakes that need fixing. 

    The major issue that I picked up is that you are trying to say too much of your family in one article. You might want to split the content up into more fragments. For example, you can write one article on Christmas with the family on its own. So also all the other subtitles can be specifically written about in more detail. I sense that you have so much more to share on a specific topic and that if you apply yourself and think about it a little more that you will be surprised with the volumes of memories that you can still share.

    Furthermore, thank you for sharing your life experiences. Hoping that you find my comments helpful and constructive.



    1. Thank you so much! I am still learning how to write out my thoughts and your advice is welcome. 



  4. Nothing can be compared to the time we spend with our family, this helps us gets closer to them and it gives us the opportunity to share the love we claim to have towards them. I love what you’re doing here, sharing your family’s experience to help ourselves improve and borrow ideas that could possibly be if great help. Thanks for this great idea.

    1. Thank you so much!! Our families are so important!



  5. I don’t joke with my family, their protection is my main priority and I see myself making every decisions of my life around their own happiness. I have two kids, both girls, together with my wife, we go on weekend trips almost every time and it’s always a time to remember. I’ll make sure to share some of our trips when next we embark on one, it’s nice to be a part of this, thanks a lot.

    1. Thank you for your comment! We would love to hear about your family trips:)



  6. Wonderful post Renea. Sounds like you have a very nice family. I totally agree with your comment about making time for family fun. There was a few years where I worked night and day and I missed out on a good amount of time with my family but sadly I had to do it during those years. Now that I don’t have to as much I can truly appreciate my family and their time! This really reminded me of how valuable family time is. Thank you!

    1. Family is so important:) they cherish any amount of time that’s available to spend with each other. Thank you for your comment!
      Blessings to you and your family,

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