Hey 🙂 Can you believe Spring Break will be here before we know it, this year is passing by fast. Hopefully everyone has all their Christmas up and stored, well except me; we still have some boxes that need put in the attic. Time to take care of that.

February and March means the school year is half-way over and Spring Break is near, So all the Students and Teachers are ready for that break and it can’t come quick enough for them.

Some have made travel plans and some plan to hang out at home.

Let’s see what ideas we can come up with or Fun things we can do over Spring Break to make this the Best Spring Break ever!


So Kids are out of school for a while and now they want to do something or go somewhere but a trip is out of the budget this year. What do you do!

Well first of all you could make a game out of hunting games, have everyone look around the house for as many games/video games they can find. Including ones they take time to write or print out, that are really good games, and the first one to bring as many games back to you wins the game hunt.

Ok, You may have lots of games already around your house that you can do this with or you can start right now preparing for this by buying up games online, yard sales or maybe someone will be just giving some away, you never know.:)

Buy or collect some prizes to give the kids for winning the games. It can be anything you want, from candy to rolled up change.

Once you get the games from the kids, stack them alphabetically and Put some outside games you add to it in with them.

Now they will have lots to do during their time out of school and you get to enjoy it with them making lots of memories without having to leave your home.

Remember to play games with them, especially the video games. You know you want to. 🙂

*(putting the games in alphabetical order will help in stopping fights)

*(If they can’t agree on a game to play, just take one from the alphabetical order stack)


This one is so much fun. You can start by exploring in the County you live in and see what kind of fun places their are to go, look for water activities: creeks, parks ect… You can find some of the best places close to the area you live in when you do some research. Your home State has lots of exploring you can do.

Take a look at the States around your State and see what kind of adventures you can plan for you and your family.

You never know what you can find when you look and explore. Your family will have lots of new memories to enjoy when ya’ll go on all those adventures together.


Cooking can be so much fun to do together as a family. Preparing meals and planning them can take time, but when you work together and come up with a Spring Break week meal plan it is so worth it.

First decide what meals you want for each night of the week or what meal theme you want, make it fun. Next decide who will cook and help on each night. Who will buy groceries and the budget for each night.

Make this a fun family time together, you could decorate the theme or set the table fancy, whatever makes family meals fun for your family. This is a great idea to bring everyone together.

Here are some meal ideas

  • Taco’s
  • Mexican
  • Chicken & Potato’s
  • Soups
  • Salads
  • Chinese
  • Greek
  • Sweets
  • Appetizers


You can make Spring Break a blast by having a family/friends fun week. Here are some ideas.

  • Spa Party
  • Movie Marathon
  • Crafts
  • Camp Out – Create your own campground in the backyard
  • Splish Splash – Bust out the hose and turn your backyard into a splash zone
  • Puzzle Fun – Start with the edges first and together the family can create a masterpiece
  • Make a difference – Organize a community project with friends or neighbors
  • Picnic – Pack up lunch, find a shady spot outside and enjoy
  • Scavenger Hunts…



Spring Break is such a fun time in kids lives and their are so many ideas you can do besides going on a trip. You can hang out with your family and friends doing all kinds of fun things. I hope you take these ideas and make lots of memories with your family and friends.