Shine Your Light

It’s Time we take a Stand and Let the World know what we Believe and know is the Truth.

Jesus is Returning for a Bride without Spot or Blemish, will we be Ready for His return. He is Coming!!

What Are We Doing To Reach The World? What Can You Do To Reach The World? How Are You Reaching The World?

Let’s Share the Word With The World and See Change Come!!!

The Word / The Truth

The Word of God, The Bible is Gods written Word for us to Read, Learn, Put in our Hearts and Share with others while Growing Stronger in our Faith.

During the days we live in it is so important to reach out and share your Faith with everyone around you. No matter what others may say about you or how you may feel, push past it and let your voice be heard, because you may be the only voice they hear at that time.

Be Obedient to the Spirit of God when He leads you to witness, You may never know how many people you lead to Heaven until your there.

Let’s lay our treasures up in Heaven by being and doing our best here on earth while we can work for our Father God. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life to Everything we will Ever Need or Want.

Reaching The World

If it Really is our Goal to Reach the World, we have to start by not staying Quiet anymore, but let our Voices be Heard that Jesus Really is Lord of Lords and Loved the World So Much He Gave His Life For Everyones Sins, So That They Would Not Go To Hell, But That They Can Go To Heaven.

It’s Our Duty to Let the World know Jesus Loves Them!!! Let’s Go Do Our Job!!!

Who’s Ready

Have you been preparing yourself?

Reading the Bible daily and seeking to understand more and more of what the Holy Spirit is saying to you. Finding the right people to mentor or train you.

Mentors are a very important part of our lives, we learn, grow and mature from our willingness to listen and do what we learn from the Mentors God places in our lives.

There are tons of Bible studies out there to help prepare us for every situation. If you need to learn more about a subject find a great Bible Study and learn all you can from it.


Praying over your lives is a must.

We should be Always Praying for Our Families, Country, President and Every Part of our Lives!!!

Prayer Points

  • Spouse
  • Our Children
  • Parents
  • Family (ALL)
  • Pastor
  • Church Family
  • Governments
  • Our Country USA
  • President
  • States
  • Ellected Officials (Governor, Mayor, Congress, Senate…)
  • All Other Countries
  • Unity
  • Communities
  • Our Homes, Land and Property…
  • Healing for All to Unite and Come together… Love to Spread for Everyone no matter who they are!!!
  • Add to this List: These are just a few to get you started Praying…

Prayer Is Powerful!! If we Pray from a Pure Heart with our motives being clean…Our Prayers Will Break Through the Darkness of this world and Bring Healing, Love and Unity…Let’s PRAY…

Who’s Ready Now

We have no time to waste, let’s get Going!!…

You know what to do now, Read the Word of God, the Bible, Study to show yourself approved, Speak Boldly Your Faith, Learn from others that can Mentor you and Pray, Pray, Pray, Prayer Changes Things!!

You are an overcomer by the word of your testimony and Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens You!!

Let’s Reach the World Together in Prayer and Love and Unity… Let’s Pray Together!!!

Post Prayer Points to Focus on in the Comments…We can All Come Together In Prayer and Change the World!!!

3..2..1.. Let’s GO Change The World!!!




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