Encourage One Another and Build Eachother Up

There have been so many times in my life that I thought finally everything is good, but then there it goes and life hits. You never know what to prepare for.

You just know to be prepared for anything. To be the best that you can be and trust God to lead you through it. Knowing you will come out stronger on the other side.

When I was a kid, my childhood was not normal. So I learned at a young age to be prepared for anything and be content.

There were so many things that happen from the time I was young. It’s been so hard dealing with the emotions over the years.

I thought I had overcame so many feelings over 20 years ago and now there resurfacing.

Little did I know they only went deeper inside of my heart, hiding until the day I can handle dealing with them.

It’s so hard when you’ve held all those emotions inside for so long, and then all of a sudden, they start trying to resurface. Do you suppress the feelings or deal with them?

Anniversary Trip

This past September, my husband and I went on our 30th Anniversary trip to Fair Field Glade, Tn. It was so Beautiful there.

The resort is popular for golf, of which we don’t play, lol:) We enjoyed exploring the beautiful surroundings and relaxing.

While we were there, we had no schedule, only time — spending days driving, seeing mountains, and the prettiest of skies with fluffy white clouds.

I could just sit and watch the skies for hours, so peaceful, calm, and soothing. Took my mind off of the pain from the Sarcoidosis.

We had a very relaxing trip, it’s always great getting away from the same routine at home day after day. When we got home, sure did miss the vacation feel


One week ago, I was writing a post about being happy, but when I got my oldest son Jarret to read the first paragraph,

he said Mom, this is so depressing like three times, and I was like what it can’t be, then I read it, and it was depressing.

That next night I tried writing it again, but this time, I fell asleep while writing it.

The next day when I looked at my work, it was depressing. Also, I didn’t understand why I was having such problems with it.

My daughter Elizabeth came home from her internship at a church telling me about their devotion that day.

She said there is power in the tongue, we can speak life or death, and she went into telling me all about it and that my name was brought up, and they prayed for me.

(I admit I used to speak more positive over myself, it’s gotten harder with the pain and sickness, but it’s time to Change and I’m Ready.)

Right then I knew that no matter how I feel it’s time for me to speak with faith and proclaim the Word!

After that I realized that the reason I couldn’t write the post was, because all the depressing words were coming out of deep inside of me and I didn’t even see it, but now I do.

I finished the post and it’s written and published already.

Loved Ones

One other thing I realized was that Traveling is great therapy for me, it brings healing. I was reminded of the times, while on vacation that I felt energy and alive again.

Then I would come home and go back into the same old routine because of how much body pain/fatigue I felt.

If you have a loved one or know of someone who is dealing with sickness or depression, I know this sounds weird, but take them on vacations, or little getaways, help them see that they can still feel alive again.

Just a stroll or a visit can bring such joy into someone’s life. I never knew how much we really need each other until this disease happened to me.

People do get lonely that is sick, yes they have bad days, but they also have Good days when they would enjoy the company or maybe going somewhere different.

The only difference is now they are not as fast or able to go like they once did before, but they can sit and talk and ride.

I can’t wait until my next outing, wherever it may be.

Enjoy Life,



  1. Hello I also hope that you can get better pretty soon becuase I see that you are a really great writer and you have so much to offer here. I feel so inspired to read this post and I must say that it is a very good one. I agree that one can really heal with the problems that one faces. I also understand the problem with writing a story and all of a sudden it is depressing. I have to share this post. Nice one here.

  2. Hello Renea, I must say that this article is very helpful and inspirational. I am glad you shared your experience as there are many of us who have the same problem. I like to write and often happens to me that I feel depressed at some moments but just like you said just someone’s visit can give you the feeling of joy and happiness, in this case, that’s my wife.

    1. Thank you for your comment! Praying that you will be filled with joy and happiness and friends that will show there encouragement and support for you



  3. Okay, this is very nice and i have to thank you a whole lot for sharing your insight on the lesson you have shared here on healing through travelling. I didn’t know about that and i have to say it is a very good concept that i need to explore. I like that you can share your experience and i agree that over time, some problems that we think are long gone come back. I guess at the end of the day, we only need to refire and hit the problem again. Nice post!

    1. Thank you so much! Dealing with the problems get harder every time we don’t deal with them but instead push them back down. I’m learning it is hard to hit the problem but possible:)



  4. Hi Renea,thank you for these beautiful pictures.We can feel the joy,happiness that you gain during those trips.Indeed,we can improve our health through vacation.I always escape from busy life even for one day,it’s enough for me to get refreshed.I can’t wait for summer because I will pamper myself for 30 days.

  5. Thank you so much Renea for doing this. I have also struggled with neck and back pain. I know you personally and every time I see you I see strength. You are a beautiful blessing to so many. I understand what your saying about vacation just getting along with family are friends brings strength and healing.
    I’m so proud to see you doing this article. God has been so good to us and can’t wait to see more.
    I love ? you Renea,


    1. I Love you too sweet friend!! Thank you for reading and commenting on this post:) It means a lot that you took time to read it!!


  6. Dealing with life problems especially when we grow older tend to be a challenge but facing them head on helps in order to address them, otherwise they come back later at a furious rate in which we find it hard to even wake up in the morning and face the day. Challenges are part of life and we cannot change that. It is the attitude that matters the most. How we view our circumstances is reflected on our emotional well being. That’s where most of the sufferings take place and most often than not perpetuate the physical pain. Thanks for your great tips.

  7. You have always been an in inspiration to me. When we met I was young and didn’t have a deep understanding of how much our words have power, you taught me so much. I can say something today and think, that sounds like Renea. I love this blog! Keep pouring out…?? Love you!

  8. Writing or blogging is a therapeutic thing to do. Looking back from photos.. place we have traveled too, it definitely cheers us up and brings good happy memories. When we are in a happy state, we should reach out to people that need our care. We can always do more right 🙂

    1. Yes, you are so right! 🙂 We can always reach out no matter where we are at in life. Some times all a person may need is a smile or a hello as we are walking by, it doesn’t take much to let someone know we care. There are lots of opportunities out there to help we just have to listen and care enough to help them. Thank you! I Pray we never forget to care for one another!
      Blessings to you,

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