JDJ Media Design & Rental JDJ Media Design has 12 years of experience in Media, Sound, Lighting, and Videoing. Jarret the owner has a heart for people and wants to help create their vision. The equipment and quality of service is ranked high, a 10. JDJ Media Design & RentalContinue Reading

Enjoy Life and Live Have you ever been at a place in life where you just didn’t want to do anything, but just sit or go through the same thing day after day? I sure have and it stinks, really stinks getting caught in that trap of life. It canContinue Reading

Self-Worth Self-worth definition – Internal sense of being good enough and worthy of love and belonging from others. What is Self-Worth? Self-worth is the opinion on how you view yourself and the value you place on yourself. When you wake up each day you have a choice to make, willContinue Reading

Are You Surrendered 100% To God? How do we know the answer to that, it’s by taking a look inside of ourselves and seeing who we really are. Surrender means letting go of what, how, when and who… In surrender, we let go of how we think things have toContinue Reading

Believe, Stand Strong & Recieve the Spirit Stay strong in your faith and never waiver knowing that God sent Jesus as a sacrifice for your sins, so you can live forever in Heaven. Never take your life for granted or the Spirit of God for granted. Jesus told us theContinue Reading

SITUS JUDI SLOT ONLINE TERPERCAYA DAN TERLENGKAP INDONESIA 2021 Shopstudiograde ialah situs judi slot online di indonesia yang terbaik agar kepuasan bermain casino online bisa tercipta malahan jika kau berhimpun bersama dengan Shopstudiograde yang menjadi salah satu agen casino 88 online terbaik tahun 2020, telah pasti kau bisa untungkan danContinue Reading

What IS? (Is Enjoying Life, Helping others, Doing the Will of God) What IS? Is a powerful statement. Think about your life and look back at all the times you missed your, What IS, because you were so focused on getting through life and not living your life. I wantContinue Reading

What’s Important? This is a great question, everyone has different things that they care about, but what’s your important things? Think about it, sure you care about things and that everyday things are taken care of, but then their are those Important ones that you know have to be caredContinue Reading