Welcome, I want to share with you today about children. Children are a blessing from the Lord, but as we know, not everybody agrees with that.

There is so much that goes on around the world that we don’t understand, or even know about that children go through every day.

We hear about kidnappings, kids missing, abused, hungry, living in conditions that are not for humans. Our heart’s cry out for them.

We pray God help the hurting, feed the hungry, heal the abused and bring help to all that are in need.

What Else Can We Do? world vision charity


We have to stand in the gap for the children. Praying and interceding for them wherever they maybe at in the world.

No matter what we may be going through in the world, we always have a choice to choose to put others ahead of us.

When you think about it, what your sacrificing is nothing compared to what the child you’re praying for is going through.

Think about it like this, what if you’re praying for that child’s future and your prayer stops something bad from happening or you’re praying makes something wonderful happen for that blessed child.

Keep Believing**Fight in Faith

When I was a little girl, my mother went through a lot of things and she moved around with me and my siblings to a lot of places.

We saw things children shouldn’t see. Our Aunt’s and Uncles would come and pick us up and bring us back to what we really called home.

Our Great Aunt Nora’s House, she was amazing, always their for us every time we needed her.

All of our Aunt’s and Uncles were, don’t know what we would have done without them. They help my mom also, just overall took care of all us. We were blessed to have family that cared enough to always be their.

We ended up staying with my Aunt Nora for good on one of the trips they came and got us, finally could go to school at one place, Not worrying about each other.

Aunt Nora taught me so much. Just listening and watching her and talking to her about everything. I loved to hear her tell of her childhood and all of her brother and sisters.

She gave the best hugs and always told me she loved me!


Walking in the Word

Like I said Aunt Nora taught me, she taught me by example, not just by words only.

I would see her every morning reading the Word of God and every night reading the Word of God

She would talk about it with us and explain anything we didn’t understand.

As she got older, she would always have the Bible in her lap, reading it.

I remember asking her why she read so much and she said, because I Love my daddy God and I want to learn his Word and put it in my heart.

She read through the whole Bible once every year.

I Loved her so much! The biggest memory I have is of her praying, she always prayed especially at night.

Every night she would call out each one of our family members names.

That’s a lot of them at that time, and prayed for their salvation, healing, deliverance. Whatever they needed or she thought they needed she prayed for.

Aunt Nora taught me to pray then by her example. She didn’t stop praying till she felt she touched the Heavens. After she passed in 1991,

I saw some of her prayers answered that she had prayed when I was a little girl.

So never give up Praying, you never know when that prayer will be answered. We don’t have to see it, we just have to be obident and Listen and Pray.

Speaking Blessings

When I got married in 1989, my Aunt Nora was their with me. I will cherish that forever.

She had prayed for me and my future husband since I was a young girl and she was Blessed to be a huge part of our life.

When we had our first child in 1994, I remembered everything that Aunt Nora taught me and was determined to live it in front of my child.

We had 2 more wonderful Children in 1999 an 2002. They have never missed a day being told I love you and have been taught the Word of God.

Everyday of their life and on their school-days we pray before they leave for the day. God’s Protection and Blessing’s over them and All at school. I want them to learn what I did as a child.

Keep God First, Listen to Him, Obey His Word, and He will Keep You Always!

Praying For The Children

If we will keep on keeping on for the children, like my Aunt did, by the way, she was a widower who never had any children of her own but raised and help raise 7 children. (Her & Troy her husband) I Loved them so very much!!!

If we all had hearts as big as there’s every child would be covered in Prayer in the World and have a Home.

May every child be covered in prayer and love and surround by peace that comes only from above.

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name, thy Kingdom come, thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Blessings,charity Renea



  1. I remembered  when my mummy was raising me she pray for me each morning we wake up and she ll tell me to do the same when I grow up to my kids because mother’s  prayers are very essential  in child’s life,and trust me her prayers have really been working  for me and right now am doing the same for my children  thanks for this great post about this ll enlightening  most parents on how to treat there child thanks so much 

    1. Thank you for sharing that wonderful memory! We are blessed to have those kind of memories and get to share them to help others. Thank you so much for your comment!



  2. Wow Jackson! Good to see you share this post on speaking blessing over our children. Our tongues are powerful just as the Bible says whatever we bind on earth in bound in heaven and whatsoever we loose on earth is loose in heaven. We do the binding and loosing through our prayers. Through our prayers, we can save that kid from potential death, sickness, disease, suicide etc

    Prayer is the key.

    1. Amen, Yes we can! Thank you so much for your comment!



  3. Hey, very interesting niche website. I really like the layout and it is easy to navigate. I think the images all match pretty well and i like the way they look. i liked your article about vacations. i think you made good use of affiliate links and not over baring or in your face. keep up the good work

    1. Thank you so much! I have been second guessing myself on the theme. My niche is the Family. Thank you for your comments!



  4. Amazing article. It is very important we speak blessings into our children born and unborn. I love your tips on how to speak these blessings:

    It is necessary we fight for them through prayers because it is the means with which we fight our battles as Christians.

    We should keep believing in God and put our faith to work and hoping that things will only get better; fight the good fight of faith.

    The Word of God is powerful and sharper than two edged sword. Working in the Word of God will certainly guarantee our victory and that of our children.

    Let us speak the blessings forever!

    1. Amen, so true, Thank you so much for your comment!



  5. Hi Renea, this is a beautiful website with a great and most important purpose of all! The well being of our children! They are our and the worlds future. It is on us to guide them and love them to our best abilities. It’s  a blessing to know there’s still some kind-hearted and right-minded people like you out there spreading the word of love! Keep it Up!

    1. Thank you so much for your encourging comment!



  6. Hi Renea,

    I do know one thing GOD loves the children trillion trillion trillion times more compared to their parents and HE hates abortion.

    Often we under-estimate the power of our prayers. “To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.” – Martin Luther

    I praise GOD for your aunt Nora and others. Hats off to her!

    Once I read George Muller used to read bible on his knees and he have read bible more than 200 times, it inspired me a lot wow, what a love he had for our LORD. Reading the whole Bible once every year is my dream and to be honest not achieved it within one year. By GODS grace planning to implement and accomplish it in 2020.

    I am really inspired and motivated from your article and it’s a blessing for me.

    By GODS grace on 2nd of March 2019 GOD blessed us with a baby boy and we named him “Elijah” I hope you might be aware of its meaning. Elijah is 9 months old and when my wife was pregnant we started to talk to him about our LORD.

    For sleeping, eating and to stop his crying we need to sing our LORD’S songs to him. He is listening to this from the day we confirmed pregnancy.

    I felt like crying and moved when I read he raised 7 children. Your article is a must read for each and every parents!

    1. Thank you so much for your comments! Ya’ll have started off perfect with your son Elijah. Children will soak up everything and we are there protectors, when we parent them right, they grow and thrive. Keep up the great parenting!



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