Worship God

We have become such a self-serving society that we sometimes forget that it is our privilege to enter into the presence of the King.

Whenever we come into His presence, our purpose should be to magnify Him, not gratify us.

When it comes to Worship, it doesn’t matter if you’ve had:

a bad week,

a bad month,

or even a terrible decade—

You’re Not Coming For You; You’re Coming for Him.

Quote by Pastor Greg Huguley

Let’s Worship God In Spirit & Truth…

Jesus Loves You!



2 thoughts on “SPIRIT & TRUTH

  1. I think this quote from Pastor Greg Huguley in a way summarises the mistakes we make whenever we come into the presence of the one and only true God. We shouldn’t worship God because of what we want from Him. Rather, we should worship Him because He deserves to be worship. No matter what comes our way, we will still bless Him.

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