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I’ve been thinking about cruises here lately and well I decided to do some research and see what are the best ones out there for our families.

I found out there’s a lot more cruise ships out there than I thought. lol All kinds of them to be exact, if you are wanting to go on a cruise,

there is one for you out there, take a look at these, they are some of my most Favorite ones I did research on, check them out.

They all looked amazing and like so much fun. Don’t forget all the food you get to eat 24 hours a day if you like.

Hopefully we wouldn’t do that right.;) Here are some of the Best ones I found that Families would Love to cruise on.

Caribbean Princess Cruise

The Caribbean Princess has been active since 2004 and was recently upgraded with a multi-million-dollar luxury make over in May of 2019.
Exciting adventures awaits you and your family on this beautiful cruise ship that is decked out for families to have a great time.
The Princess has 1556 cabins for 3082 passengers that will be served by 1200 crew/staff.
The moment you step aboard your family will feel right at home. Everything you will need or want will be available, the crew/staff provides excellent friendly hospitality services to make your trip the best ever.
The Princess has some of the best accommodations, some are a suite with balcony. Don’t forget that Every hour the chefs are busy baking, grilling and sautéing great tasting made from scratch food.
There is an endless amount of food located through out the ship for your pleasure. Enjoy when you feel the need.:)
Some of the best parts are the Spas, Entertainment, music, dancing and Programs. The Reef Splash Zone is the ultimate go to for families of all ages!
The new space features an interactive water playground with a splash pool, water showers, and a whale feature that rains from its fluke.
It also has a new Game Zone with oversized backyard games, comfy lounge sectionals and a kid friendly setting so families can enjoy drinks during a day of splashing, laughing and playing.
Even the Youngest will enjoy the whimsical, forest-themed world that inspires playtime and invites adventure.
Kids, ages 3-7, can dance, enjoy pajama movie nights, create art projects like Animal Planet™ puppets and masks or compete in a Lego® boat-building contest.
Kids, ages 8-12, will love this, their minds stay busy, too, with California Science Center programs like rocket building, or they can explore outer space with Stargazing and learning how to build a model roller coaster.
Exciting events like talent shows, theme nights, and treasure hunts encourage new friendships and family togetherness.
Teens, ages, 13-17, In this contemporary lounge is “the place” for teens, perfect for hanging out and socializing with late-night movie viewing, hip hop dance classes, video game tournaments and sports competitions like dodgeball and basketball.
But that’s just the beginning. They’ll dazzle on the red carpet with our Rock the Boat teens only party, complete with awards.
The Caribbean Princess departs from Fort Lauderdale, Quebec City and New York City for sailings in Panama, the Caribbean, Canada and New England.
If your family is looking for a Fun getaway for the whole gang this is it. check it out.:)

National Geographic Sea Bird

The National Geographic Sea Bird is a tried and true expedition cruise ship that sails from Alaska to Columbia and Snake Rivers, to Sea of Cortez and Baja California.

The ship is a small size and has a shallow draft, also can easily go to places that larger ships can not go.

She can go into channels where whales go to feed, through locks in the Pacific Northwest, ease up to waterfalls in secluded coves, and sail into small bays that are perfect for snorkeling and kayaking.

Sea Bird is equipped with all the gear you need to explore everywhere you go while on your adventure. The open bow is the perfect gathering place for all the passengers to enjoy viewing the wildlife.

This would be an enjoyable adventure for the families who want to see the ocean life up close. The Sea Bird accommodates 62 guest in 31 outside cabins. Everyone looks forward to there adventures every day.

After along day of exploring you can relax on the deck, dining, spa (wellness aboard) or in your cabins. Your family will make lots of memories on the National Geographic Sea bird.

Enjoy Life,



  1. Dear Renea
    Thank you very much for your fantastic website. It is amazing that you show people how to choose dream-like holidays. I hope more people will know about your website and follow your guidance.
    Kind regards,

  2. Hi Renea,

    We like your choices of the best choices for the family and kids – and both cover different spectrums. Princess Cruise seems perfect if you have your whole family with you and is out for fun and relaxation.

    Meanwhile, National Geographic Sea Bird offers a lot to a family that loves and would like to be close to nature. We can recall that our cruise to Alaska early this year was similar to this.

    Which of the 2 would you go for?

    1. Hey, Thank you for your comment! I really like both of them, but if I had to choose one the National Geographic Sea Bird I think my family would enjoy a whole lot. An Alaska cruise sounds very nice:)

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