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Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

Weight resistance: 210lbs (not upgradeable)
Recommended workout area: 103″ L x  80″ W x 82 H

The Bowflex PR1000 home gym helps strengthen your muscles and add a bit of cardio training to mix with over 25 strength exercises and a built-in rowing station.

Product Features

  • New media rack to stream/watch your favorite entertainment or training videos during workouts.
  • Seven trainer-built workouts included.
  • Two training videos to follow along with on media rack
  • 25 plus exercises that cover the entire body
  • Over 200 pounds of Power Rod resistance
  • Bench converts to a rolling seat for aerobic rowing
  • Built in media rack; 4 Position Lower Pulley or Squat Station
  • Multiple cable pulley positions allow you to easily change the angle of resistance and increase effectiveness of many exercises
    Pros Cons
    • 30 different exercises to choose from
    • Aerobic rowing machine to burn fat
    • 210-pound resistance
    • Durable power rods with 5-year warranty
    • Reasonably priced
    • Requires more space than other Bowflex home gym models
    • No leg station as found on other Bowflex models
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Bowflex Xceed Home Gym

The Bowflex Xceed Home Gym is designed for serious strength training. The Xceed offers the capability of performing over 65 gym-quality exercises.

  • 210 pounds of Power Rod resistance standard upgradeable to 310 pounds or 410 pounds
  • Progressive resistance Power Rod system
  • 65 plus exercises for chest, shoulders, back, arms, abs and legs
  • Bowflex provides 7 trainer build workout regiments.The weight capacity of the seat is around 300 pounds
  • Heavy duty steel frame ensures long lasting protection and shape retention
  • Multiple cable or pulley positions for custom workouts
  • NOTE: The Power Rod Rejuvenator is not included with the product. The Power Rod Rejuvenator is a separate purchase
  • _____________________________________________________________________


Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

Weight resistance: 210lbs (upgradeable to 310 or 410 pounds)
Dimensions: 90″ L x 38″ W x 83″ H
Recommended workout area: 90″ L x  38″ W x 83 H
Folded dimensions: 52″ L x 38″ W x 83″ H

The Bowflex Blaze home gym offers over 60 gym-quality exercises that work all of your muscle groups. The 210 lbs. of Power Rod resistance technology maximizes your strength training and fitness goals.

  • 60 plus exercises for a fully body workout
  • 210 pounds of Power Rod resistance, upgradable to 310 pounds or 410 pounds
  • Bowflex provides 7 free trainer built workout regimens
  • Sliding seat rail allows you to perform aerobic rowing and leg presses
  • Multiple cable or pulley positions enable custom workouts
  • Lat bar and squat bar included
  • Triple function hand grip or ankle cuffs included
  • Folding bench and wheels provide easy storage
    Pros Cons
    • Features squat and leg curl capabilities
    • More than 60 exercises available
    • Upgradeable weight resistance
    • More expensive than PR1000
    • No aerobic exercises available
  • ____________________________________________________________________


  • Bowflex HVT $799.00
  • Bowflex HVT Machine

    The new Bowflex HVT is the ultimate 2-in-1 machine, combining cardio and strength into every workout. The Bowflex HVT’s unique sequence of moves can ignite your metabolism and go beyond the workout.

    Product Features

    • 3 Pre-Programmed Workouts

      Sprint (power, speed and recovery)
      Circuit (strength, form and range of motion)
      Builder (strength and endurance)

    • Manual Mode

      Choose from 50 unique exercises

    • Dynamic Coaching Console

    • Syncs with Free HVT® App and Workout Videos

      Available for Apple iOS and Android devices 1

    • Bluetooth® 4.0 Compatible

    • Total Power Technology

      Tracks work rate, intensity and fitness progress

    • Progressive Fan Resistance

    • 6 Premium Grip Handles

    • Provides whole-body fitness with Hybrid Velocity Training or HVT
    • 3 pre-programmed workouts (sprint, circuit, and builder) direct you through a workout in as little as 18 minutes for maximum results
    • Manual mode allows you to build your own workout from 50 unique exercises
    • Syncs with free HVT app and workout videos (Apple iOS and android). Dimensions – 65.5 L x 46 W x 83 H inches
    • Machine combines entire sets of cardio and strength workouts into one compact design that fits into most rooms
    • ________________________________________________________________
  •  .     

Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym

Weight resistance: 210lbs (upgradeable to 310 pounds only)
Dimensions: 64″ L x 41″ W x 83″ H
Recommended workout area: 96″ L x  78″ W x 83 H

The Bowflex PR3000 is a total-body home gym with more than 50 strength exercises and no cable changes needed between sets using the Quick Change Power Rod system.

  • Offers over 50 gym quality exercises to workout your entire body
  • Provides as little as 5 or as many as 210 pounds; of Power Rod resistance
  • Multi use hand grip or ankle cuffs designed to add flexibility and performance to any workout using the Quick Change Power Rod system
  • Upgradable resistance to 310 pounds
  • Heavy duty steel construction frame offering long term durability
    Pros Cons
    • Extremely versatile for the upper body
    • Requires less floor space than other machines
    • Offers more than 50 exercises to choose from
    • A real timesaver for quick workouts
    • No rowing capability
    • No flat bench
  • ___________________________________________________________________


Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym

Weight resistance: 210lbs (upgradeable to 310lbs or 410lbs)
Dimensions: 53″ L x 49″ W x 82″ H
Recommended workout area: 96″ L x 78″ W x 83″ H

The Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE lets you change exercises more quickly and easily with no cable changes needed between exercises. The home gym offers over 70 exercises and includes 7 trainer-built workouts to meet your fitness goals.

Product Features

  • 210 lbs of Power Rod® Resistance Standard – Bowflex® Power Rod® units give you resistance, or weight, that feels as good as or better than free weights but without the inertia or risk of joint pain usually associated with free weights. The Bowflex Xtreme® 2SE comes standard with 210 lbs / 95 kg and is upgradeable up to 310 lbs / 140 kg or 410 lbs / 186 kg!

  • Revolutionary No-Change Cable Pulley System – Lets you move from squats to lats to leg workouts without ever changing cables. You’ll save time and keep your heart rate up as you progress through your workout.

  • Lat Tower with Angled Lat Bar – Build back and shoulder muscles quickly with this integrated tower.

  • 4-Position Lower Pulley/Squat Station – Use this station to do squats and build your glutes, hamstrings and quads.

  • Leg Extension – Use for exercises to develop strong, muscular legs

  • 70 + Exercises

  • Included Attachments – Squat Bar, Ab Crunch Shoulder Harness

  • 7 Free Trainer-Built Workouts – Included in the manual: 20 minute better body, 20 minute upper body, 20 minute lower body, bodybuilding, circuit training anaerobic, true aerobic, and strength training routines

  • Optional Attachments – Preacher Curl, Gym Style Ab Crunch

  • 70 plus exercises that cover the entire body
  • 210 pounds of Power Rod resistance, upgradeable to 310 pounds or 410 pounds
  • Multiple cable or pulley positions with the Quick Change Power Rod system
  • Bowflex provides 7 free trainer built workout regimens
  • Heavy duty steel construction frame offering long term durability
  • Ergonomic adjustable seat with polyurethane high density foam cushion
  • Ab training strap, squat bar and lat bar included
  • 5 way hand grip or ankle cuffs
    Pros Cons
    • Smaller and more compact
    • Easy to move from exercise to exercise
    • Offers a rare squatting station
    • Cheap in the long-term
    • Heavy



Bowflex Revolution Home Gym Only $2,740.12 Or Home Gym Bundle $2,842.08

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym

Weight resistance: 210 – 300lbs
Dimensions: 112″ L x 63″ W x 73″ H
Recommended workout area: 120″ L x  84″ W x 83 H

Over 100 exercises with up to 400 variations. Designed to work every major body zone, and support every workout routine, strength level and fitness goal.

Product Features

  • SpiraFlex® Technology – Plate technology designed for Nasa works independent of gravity to provide resistance without inertia. Over 100 exercises with unlimited variations.

  • The Freedom Arms® – Independently moving arms with 10 positions and 170 degree adjustments

  • Leg Press Station – Work with up to 600 lbs of resistance, (with upgrade) and a range and power unheard of in a home gym.

  • Preacher Curl Attachment – Rest your elbows on the platform and grasp the inner handles of the ab/leg attachment with an underhand grip.

  • Vertical Bench Press – Complete a wide range of exercises and variations.

  • Leg Extension – Use of exercises to develop strong, muscular legs.

    Pros Cons
    • Extremely versatile and multifunctional
    • More than 100 gym grade exercises
    • Great for a full body workout
    • Advanced Spiraflex resistance technology for smoother resistance
    • Does not require regular maintenance
    • Comfortable
    • More expensive than other Bowflex models
    • Heavy
    • Requires a large area for setting up


*The Headings Each Shifted to the Right in the Box Below*

Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym Bowflex Blaze Home Gym Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym Bowflex Xceed Home Gym Bowflex Revolution Home Gym
No. of Exercises 26+ 50+ 60+ 70+ 65+ 100
Resistance Power Rod Resistance 210 lb. Power Rod Resistance 210 lb. (upgradable to 310 lb.) Power Rod Resistance 210 lb. (upgradable to 410 lb.) Power Rod Resistance 210 lb. (upgradable to 410 lb.) Power Rod Resistance 210 lb. (upgradable to 410 lb.) SpiraFlex, 210 lb. (upgradable 300 lb.)
Quick Change System (no cable change)
Media Rack
Instructional Placard
Bench Press Horizontal Vertical Horizontal Vertical Vertical Vertical
Leg Extension/ Curl
Squat Bar
Aerobic Rowing
Thank you for reading this article and I hope you have a better understanding of the Bowflex
Exercise Home Gym.
I would also like to recommend all of them, but the PR1000 will be great for fitness enthusiast with its added rowing machine to help you lose weight.
Hope You Have A Wonderful, Blessed Year 2020!

Enjoy Life,



  1. I love fitness because it helps keep me fit. These gadgets you have shown are great. They are not expensive and can be used for many years with servicing and maintenance. in top form. With training time a day, with a well-targeted diet, a top figure and strong muscles are achieved. It would be nice to train on these devices.

    1. These are some of the Best exercise machines on the market. So glad you like them:) Thank you for your comment and have a wonderful New Year 2020!!

      Blessings to you,


  2. These are all very great machines. Actually, I have heard of the Bowflex machine before and the awesome work it does. I didn’t know though that it came in different variants. I have been looking to start my own home gym but didn’t know which machine will be the best. You have given me a Clue but I need to know which of these are the best on the market considering the price and it’s performance.

    1. Thank you for commenting!! They all are good exercise machines but I am posting a poll with review posts about the best Exercise machines, hope it helps:) 

      Bowflex Machine Reviews

      #1 – Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Home Gym Machine – Best Compact.#2 – Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym – Best Value.#3 – Bowflex Revolution Home Gym – Best For Full Workout.#4 – Bowflex Blaze Gym Model – Best For Leg Workout.#5 – Bowflex PR3000 Workout Machine – Best For Versatility.

      Have a Wonderful New Year 2020 and Blessings to you,


  3. Hi Renea,  Working out is something we should all do in some way, shape, or form.  On the other hand, a workout can be more than lifting weights.  There are many ways to work out, depending on a person’s ability and amount of time they have or don’t have.  Thanks for providing lots of information about some machines for working out.  Are there any drawbacks to any of the machines?  Just curious.  Keep up the good work.  Take care.


    1. Hi Bob, Yes I so agree there are so many ways to workout. Not everyone can do the same exercises. We all need to know our bodies and what we can handle.:) Thank you for commenting and I have updated the post with Pro’s and Con’s for the Exercise Machines. Hope you have a Wonderful New Year 2020!!

      Blessings to you,


  4. Thanks for this special review of these supertypes of equipment

    I really liked the equipment due to the super features the have, actually as you stated it is a complete home gym. what amazed most, is the fact that the prices are relatively fair compared to other types of equipment that can do the same. Thanks again.

    1. Thank you! There is a good variety of prices to choose from. Hope you have a Great New Year!

      Blessings to you,


  5. I find a home gym a very interesting concept because it is so easy to get lazy to go to the gym and then in the end you end up not exercising at all as it is so much easier to come home after work and indulge in Netflix instead.

    I guess it depends how serious you truly are when it comes to the gym. I for example am not sure if you was to be a professional bodybuilder if this will be the answer, as do not think this will be the perfect all-in-one solution for the professional bodybuilder. I guess a proper gym with a huge array of gym equipment would be needed?

    However, I do believe that this may in fact be the perfect solution for the average Joe that would like to pack on some muscle, and if used religiously, then I am sure it will make a massive difference.

    1. Hi, Your right a body builder would need massive weights plus… These are really good for building muscle and firming up. Losing weight and so many more benefits come with these machines. Thank you for your comments.


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