I’m sitting here getting an Infusion at UAB and hear the man a few rooms down having a hard time with his sugar.



The wonderful nurses here are helping him calm down and understand what’s going on.



I didn’t mean to listen but he got loud and my heart went out to him. He needed to Hydrate and drink water, water, water they said.



His sugar was way over 600, and they were working hard to get it down.



We all need to realize how important it is to keep water going and cut out all the bad things for our body’s.



I know when after this Infusion I will need to flush my system with water over the next few days to get the toxins out of me.



Just think about that, How many toxins do we put in our bodies every day that just sit there because we do not get rid of them.



That’s probably why so many diseases happen to us, we don’t cleanse our body and things grow and develop inside of us.


Just Some things to Think About…


Many Blessings to you,


4 thoughts on “WORD OF THE DAY ** HYDRATE

  1. It’s a great word really and a good one for you to be able to share this wonderful post too. I think hydrating is really an import thing for us to do because without the water in our system, toxins can just stay and start doing some bad things through out our system. I will have to share this post too.

    1. It’s so true, we have to cleanse our system with water to be healthy. That’s just one way to cleanse. Thank you so much for sharing.



  2. hello there awesome article you have here this really dragged my attention as i was scrolling though it i just could not ignore it this has really educated me a lot i really did not know about all this am sure going to try these out after now thanks for sharing this with me.

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