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Welcome, we are going to look at how to create a website in 30 seconds or under.

Let’s get started. WordPress can make building a website somewhat easy to do, even for someone just starting out. But it still can take a great amount of your time.

I would just like to share a program with you that makes building a website so much easier and faster to do.

That’s right, you’ll have your website going in no time, in 30 seconds that is! I am even going to be providing you with a video walk-through!


WordPress is a web publishing software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog.

If you are looking to set up a blog website, WordPress is probably the easiest and most powerful content management systems (CMS) available today.

It’s not just for blog websites though. It’s the perfect website platform for e-commerce, business, and portfolio websites too. It’s quite versatile. Best of all, it’s 100% Free!

However, it can be difficult to install to your computer. And it requires web hosting, FTP, a data base, etc.

So if you’re not very good with the techie stuff (like me) you may need a little help.

In fact, even seasoned online marketers and webmasters can have a heck of a time installing WordPress websites.

An Easier & Faster Way

If I had to manually install a WordPress website by myself, I would be in Big Trouble.

I was wanting to start a blog about Family and I had tried WordPress before but couldn’t get it right.

So I gave up and was looking for online jobs and Blogging Popped up one day and I found what I had been looking for!!

That’s why I am so Thankful I found Wealthy Affiliate!!

And within Wealthy Affiliate there’s a website builder called WordPress Express.

It Eliminates all the “Techie Stuff” and it is so Efficient. You can literally build your own website using WordPress Express in 30 seconds or less!

In fact, I built my website using it. And it only took 30 seconds.

It truly is an Easier & Faster Way.

  • No FTP’ing Files
  • No HTML or PHP
  • No Photoshop
  • No Expensive Programs To Buy
  • No Worrying About Web Hosting


Now I’m sure you are wondering about, “How to Create a WordPress Website in 30 Seconds”…

Kyle from Wealthy Affiliate made a video that walks you through the simple process of building a WordPress Website from scratch.

He names his Website, picks a Theme, and then installs it and that’s all there is to it.

Kyle does a great job explaining, as he shows you how to do it. “Check the Video out Below.”

YOU can get your own niche WordPress website set-up for FREE!


In less than 5 minutes from now I can have you up and running with your very own WordPress Website.

This includes access to MANY different themes and you can use your website within ANY niche of your choice.

You can promote whatever you like on your site & (here is the kicker), you are going to get access to a community of help and training when you get your site.


It is a Two Step process:

(1) Create your Starter Wealthy Affiliate account (FREE)
(2) Build your WordPress Website

“These Websites are getting awesome rankings in Google.”


I have one Example I wanted to share with you from a member inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

In less than a month he was able to get over 4,200 clicks to his Website, all natural traffic and all with the free website he created (Read the Story Here) 


If You have dreamed of having a Website and thought it could never happen, Well Let me Tell You That Dreams Do Come True and Wealthy Affiliate will Make it Happen for You!!

Wealthy Affiliate takes ALL the Work Out of it for You & Maintains it: 

  • Hosting
  • Websites
  • Networking
  • Jaaxy
  • Education
  • Support

You Want Be Disappointed

There are so many ways to learn through Wealthy Affiliate, the Teaching and Training is Excellent! You will learn so much!

So let’s start Creating…

And When You Choose the Wealthy Affiliate Route, You Want Be Disappointed, Trust me, I wasn’t!


Will You Do me a Favor, 

After you get your Website up and running, come back to this post and share your Website with us in the comments below. And if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to ask.  ????


Blessings to you & Success in All you do,



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