Being Happy

We all want to be Happy really Happy, going around with a smile on our face that will light up a room.

Are you Happy? I know there are times in our life that we think life is hopeless, but when you really think about it, being Happy is a choice.

We decide (make the decisions) if the things or choices we make will make us Happy. Are we going to let every bad thing that happens in our life bring us down or will we let it be a stepping stone to a higher ground.

Always Remember

  • Our Happiness comes from within
  • We have Faith & Believe
  • You decide which road to take (Happy or Misery)
  • Being Happy is your Choice
  • Not all battles are worth losing your Happiness or peace. Choose wisely. I remember being told to “Let It Go”, when I was a young adult. Now I understand “Let It Go”, that’s all I had to do to keep Happiness and peace.

We are Overcomers and we will be Happy, Our Homes will be Happy and Our Families will be Happy!

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