Believe, Stand Strong & Recieve the Spirit Stay strong in your faith and never waiver knowing that God sent Jesus as a sacrifice for your sins, so you can live forever in Heaven. Never take your life for granted or the Spirit of God for granted. Jesus told us theContinue Reading

What IS? (Is Enjoying Life, Helping others, Doing the Will of God) What IS? Is a powerful statement. Think about your life and look back at all the times you missed your, What IS, because you were so focused on getting through life and not living your life. I wantContinue Reading

What’s Important? This is a great question, everyone has different things that they care about, but what’s your important things? Think about it, sure you care about things and that everyday things are taken care of, but then their are those Important ones that you know have to be caredContinue Reading

PRAYER Psalm 122: 6,7 6 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee. 7 Peace be within thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces. Father God we pray for Israel, Your Word says we should pray for the peace of Jerusalem, so we know it’s YourContinue Reading

PRAYER FOR PROTECTION Father God, I ask for Your Might Warring Angels to go forth and Protect Your People. Surround Each and Every one with Your Protection and Shield them from Every Fiery attack the enemy has going and planned for them. Cover Our leaders that are fighting for YourContinue Reading

PRAYER Focus Unity is one thing that we need more now than ever before. Everyone is trying to push their agenda on everyone else. So let’s come together and pray for Unity to bring us together and let the will of God be done here on earth. PRAYER Dear GodContinue Reading

TODAY’S PRAYER Father God, I thank You for our wonderful Country You have blessed us with and for the Wisdom You have given our leaders over the years. I ask that You will Bless and Keep America and the World Safe from every evil that is coming against them. SendContinue Reading

Daily Prayer I been thinking and Praying about our Country and everything going on around us. If we want their to be true change in America or around the World, we have to raise our voices and be heard. And that starts with PRAYER, God Will Heal our Land ifContinue Reading

What Prayer Means A solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God. God, through prayer: Opens Eyes Changes Hearts Heals Wounds Grants Wisdom PRAYER God I pray today for the United States of America, that you would forgive the unwise ways and decisions that are and haveContinue Reading