Do We Truly Believe?

This is the question for today. Let me say it one more time Do We Truly Believe? How many times in our lives has something happen and we are trying to figure out why did that happen or what stopped that from happening.

I remember as a child of so many instances where things could have went really bad for me and my family, but at the last minute it would change. I learned at a young age that God is with me wherever I am and He will take care of me and my family.

All I can do is tell you my own experiences and how if not for God watching over me, I would not be here today.

I was born with a hemangioma on my left breast and for years was back and forth to doctor over it. My mother would have fits because it wasn’t going away and it was growing. When I was between 5 and 8 I had a surgery to remove it from my breast, even though my mom had been believing for God to heal me. We went to tent revivals a lot back then and Bro. Hall was having a Healing tent Revival not long before my surgery and we went. While he was preaching bro. Hall, called out that a little girl with a red mass on her breast was being healed, that she was scheduled for surgery but God wanted to heal her right then and I just stood up without looking at anyone and I knew that was me. My mom was in shock but she stood up by me and bro. Hall prayed over me and spoke into my life. We left that tent revival and I felt so good, but my mom still put me through the surgery and all the pain that came with it.

I had a lot of breast problems from that surgery over the years that came. My left breast refused to grow and I felt deformed, well that ended up with me having to have an implant put into that breast, the doctor would have to pop it ever so often from it getting hard, a silicon implant at that, which led to it rupturing and leaving a hard ball in my breast. I lived with that hard ball for over 20 years until my husbands insurance agreed to pay to have it removed. Thank God that is out of me now. I told you all of that to say, If my mom had only Believed the Word of God spoken over me, I would not of had to go through all that pain and problems in life. I found out later that my mom bless her, had people thinking I was having a heart operation and they were giving her money to help with the cost. I was in the hospital for weeks or more back then, so I don’t know what all she told about me to people to get money.

I and my siblings except for the ones my mom gave up for adoption ending up living with our Great Aunt Nora and Great Uncle Troy. That’s a whole other story but if not for our family stepping up and taking us in, I know from my memories that we would not be here today.

God knows what we need and He will take care of us though out whatever life tries to do to us. My Aunt Nora was a prayer warrior I learned as I grew hearing her pray for people, at night I could hear her crying out to God to protect, save and help so many family members, friends anyone she new needed prayer, she would call out loud each of there names knowing God would hear her and answer her prayers. Right then listening to her prayers I knew what brought us through and out of every situation we had been in was prayer and love. God never gave up on me then and he sure want now.

So no matter what you’re going through remember you’re going through it not sitting down in the middle of it and giving up, keep going on through it and Believe that God is your healer, deliverer and the answer to everything you need. We can do All things through Christ who strengthens us. Phil 4:13 Thy faith hath made thee whole;Go in peace and be whole; of they plague. Mark 5:34 & By Christ wounds we are Healed and made Whole. Isaiah 53:5 These scriptures will keep you and let your Faith grow stronger as you remember and speak them out loud to build your Belief/Faith.

Do we truly Believe and know how blessed we are, because if not for God speaking into our life and having prayer warriors interceding for us and sending His only son Jesus Christ to die for our sins, We would be a lost hope. But GOD, He has great plans for us if we will only Believe and want His Will for our lives. I can tell you from me that Gods Will is All I have ever wanted for my life, because He showed me how much He Loved me all those years ago by trying to stop that 1st surgery but man stepped in, it wasn’t Gods fault what man did to me. God will take what we give Him and make us perfect in His sight if we will only Believe and do His Will.

Let’s decide today to lay down our will and pickup Gods Will for our lives, Gods path leads us to heaven and good things for us and not hell and pain.

Let today be your True Beginning to Believing what God says about you is real and listen to His word and Grow in His Will for your life.

the Bible says “The Harvest is Ready, but the labors are few” Will we be a labor for God? or will we choose to not listen like my mom did, because of lack of Faith/Believing?

There are consequences to our actions good and bad. Lets choose good and Let’s Believe for the Will of God to Cover the Earth so people Believe again and know who’s they are!


I want to explain, I love my mom and know she loved me and my siblings. She had a hard life and went down the hard road in life, but in her later years, she accepted God as her Savior and I know I’ll see her in Heaven one day. Her life is a whole other story also and she would have been so happy to know that in 2018 we finally meet our 2 sisters that were adopted and they had great families, who loved them so much and took great care of them. That would have made my mom so happy to know. Gods not done with us yet ya’ll!

Prayers are still being answered today.

Don’t ever forget that!

Blessings to you!