What is a Freelancer – Essentially, a freelance job is one where a person works for themselves, rather than for a company. A freelancer works on a variety of projects at the same time but for different clients.

We are going to build a Freelance Job that fits you. Let’s get started:

What Are Your Hobbies?

First, let’s get paper and pen and write down 5-10 of your favorite hobbies to do.

Now look over your list and put them in order of 1 being your favorite and 10 being your least favorite to do


Here’s my list

  • Singing 1
  • Blogging 3
  • Crafting 4
  • Music 2
  • Writing 5

Knowing Your Gifts

Ok, Write down All your Gifts you can think of where you know your Gifted from God.


  • Encourager 2
  • Intercessor 4
  • Discernment 5
  • Worshiper 1
  • Serve Others 3

Finding Your Passion

You may already know what your passion is, Write it down. Think of 3 Things that you are Passionate about and write them down.


  • Jesus 1
  • My Family, this is a broad one 2
  • Souls Saved 3

What Does It All Mean?

Now, you may be thinking what in the world does all this mean. Well, take a look over your paper and see Your Hobbies, Gifts, and Passions.

What does it tell you about yourself?

What can you learn from it to have a Freelance Job?

In each section, you will find sections that go together or are similar.

Let’s look at my Examples:

My Hobbies:  Singing, Music, Blogging, Crafting, and Writing

My Gifts:  Worshiper, Encourager, Serve Others, Intercessor, and Discernment

My Passions:  Jesus, My Family, and Souls Saved

When I really look at this list I see that I can take the things I Love doing and turn them into a J-O-B.

Which really wouldn’t be a J-O-B, because I would be loving what I’m doing!!

Let’s look at it :

If I take All my hobbies and put them with my giftings I can Start to:

Blogging or Writing articles about Music, Singing, Crafting/adding my own pictures or personal music. I could do Freelance work with writing or music or even crafting. There are all kinds of doors that will open up for people if they will just step out and not be afraid to try.

I could start a Freelance ministry for serving others, for going into Churches or Businesses, and teaching my gifts and passions to others.

All we have to do is be willing to look inside and see who we really are and trust ourselves to go for what God has already put into us. Live the dreams God has birthed in you and Love your J-O-B.

Blessings to you,