What is life to you?

Are you enjoying the ride of life?, Going day by day? or Just existing?

We can get to a point where life becomes just another day or we can learn to embrace life and enjoy it, no matter what comes our way.

There can be so many things that can get to us and bring us down along this life.

Hopefully, we will remember that Life is a Gift from God and He has great plans for us.

My Life now

I know with me, I can take things to heart to easy when people say things.

That can lead to me getting sad, depressed and just not wanting to be around others. It’s so hard when your body is hurting and you just don’t feel good, it is hard to look at life different.

But I know it’s a choice to make, when I wake up, I choose to have a good or bad day. To be happy to my family or snap at them, no matter what pain I’m feeling.

I have days when I can handle eveything going on with my body, but then there are days like this weekend, that my body is handling me. Pain is not a game people play with, It Hurts! It can take a strong person and make them weak.

This weekend has been a test for me and I know that I can get through the body pain if I don’t give into the pressure in and around me.

No matter what you may feel about life when going through it, remember to keep pushing and going through it. Don’t stop in the middle of your pain or sadness, keep going.

Your miracle could be one step away.

For me I Believe Better days are ahead, I just have to keep believing…


 Keep Living Life

One of the biggest things I have learned over the last five years of being sick is to keep pushing and never give up.

There may be days to have a good cry and there may be days to have a good laugh, but either way keep pushing your way till you get your break through.

Find things to keep you focused that you enjoy doing. For me Blogging has helped so much, I use to love to sing, but my voice isn’t what it used to be. Blogging has gave me a way to feel apart of something again.

So, find your thing that makes you feel apart of something and enjoy it.

Don’t just sit and think life will go on and no one will think of me, find that place or thing that makes you feel alive again. Keep Living Life no matter what your going through.


Life is a Gift and we should share our Gift with as many people as we can by showing the Love of God to them.

Be there for one another, Help in anyway possible, Say Hi, Send a Card or Flowers, Just let them know they are loved and cared for. It makes a huge difference in a persons life.




Remember this one thing, Actions are Bigger than Words. People will remember and need your kindness and visits, especially when there sickness keeps on and on.

I Pray Blessings over your life and your families life,