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My Story

Younger Years

My memories about my youth are not always clear, sometimes things will jar them or I’ll be around someone or a smell and then remember. I have a lot of good memories that I would rather write about but it’s time to share some of the others.

I loved my mother, I remember that as a toddler, wanting to be with her, but as I grew up and realized how she really couldn’t take care of us, I was glad to have family that would be there for us no matter what.

She married my dad and had my brother 6 years before me. A divorce came during my mother being pregnant with me and after having me, she started searching for love again and then four more girls were born, of which she kept two and put two up for adoption, at the time she felt that was the best for them.

During those years a lot happen and our Aunts and Uncles would always be there for us, eventually we were living with our Great Aunts and Uncles, who loved us dearly.

Family Togetherness

I always remember my brother Eddie being with me during the times I was with my Mother. He would look out for me and take care of me. There were hard times when she would do her best to get what we needed and food on the table.

We would travel to different states and stay were ever we could find, when my Mother would get overwhelmed she would call my Aunts and Uncles for help and they would Always be there for us and come get us kids and take us to what we considered Home.

When she would get her life together we would hear from her, saying she’s coming to get us. Our Aunt Nora and Uncle Troy we stayed with would beg her to let us stay there but…

This happen over and over again, finally she would let my younger sister stay because she was so attached to my Aunt and Uncle Troy, but me and my brother went.

When our Mother remarried they brought all of us including his kids together and we lived a few different places and then in a beautiful house for a while in Texas. Those were good times. I Wish they could have made it work out together. I do remember some bad times during then but the good out way the bad.

When they got a divorce it was really hard for my baby sister, because she had grown to think of him as her dad. We all really Loved Chuck. It wasn’t long till she was overwhelmed with us again.

We came back to Aunt Nora’s and Uncle Troy’s to live again. I had been in and out of school a lot of times by now. By now our Mother had decided to let us just stay with our Aunt and Uncle cause of how hard it was on her getting back out on her on and it would be too much on her dealing with us as well.

We Loved being with our Aunt Nora and Uncle Troy and All of our Family there!! We were home again!! And Did Not Want To Leave!!

There was a lot of Emotions to go through as a child

  • Not knowing if your Mother was coming home
  • Not knowing if you would have food to eat
  • Being Scared, Afraid
  • Will I Ever see my Family again?
  • What do I do to help
  • Lots of crying
  • Keeping my sister safe/taking care of her
  • FEAR was a Big one.


The one thing we needed was Stability in our lives. We knew that our Aunts and Uncles were that to us, they were Always there for us. No matter what.

I am so thankful for the Sacrifices they made to care for us. Taking my sister in as their own and Aunt Nora and Uncle Troy taking us in, they will never know how much that means to me. I wish I had of told them how much they All meant to me and how Selfless they were in taking us in.

My mother decided to leave us with our Aunt and Uncle that last time. We finally got to go to school and finish the year. It was great!

Living with my Great Aunt and Great Uncle was wonderful and my Grandmother Lois was next door, Other Great Aunts and Great Uncles lived across the road and were neighbors. I Loved it!

To Be Continued…

Enjoy Life,


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  1. Hi Renea, thank you for your thoughts and for sharing with us your like experiences. I am always very impressed by writers who are able to really share with people. I wouldn’t be able to do the same. And I always think that we should appreciate our lives, especially those who had a good childhood, because we like it or not, a good childhood is a matter of luck – we cannot decide for our lives But when we grow up we can decide, and the best decision is to “enjoy life to the fullest”, as you say. Thank you so much for sharing this with us all! 

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