What’s Important To You?

What’s Important?

This is a great question, everyone has different things that they care about, but what’s your important things?

Think about it, sure you care about things and that everyday things are taken care of, but then their are those Important ones that you know have to be cared for and seen to.

How do we handle the Important things in our lives?

Do we act like it’ll get taken care of later or see to it when it needs done?

Is someone else going to step in and takeover for us or will we step up and be responsible?

These are just a few questions to ask ourselves. When God gives you a task to complete it’s meant for you, not for you to wait and see if you want to do it or see if someone else will do it.

The Spouse and Children God Blesses us with are Ours to Cherish, not anyone elses; but how many are willing to show how Important their Families are to them. Instead, they are running around or ignoring them when they should be spending quality time together as a Family.


Family is Important!!!

When Dads and Moms put their family first, life is so much more sweeter!!!

Look forward to seeing each other every day.

Find ways to make each other laugh. Laughing together is Healing.

Show each other that you Love one another.

  • a smile,
  • a hug,
  • a kiss,
  • an encouraging word will go far.


Instead of telling someone their faults all the time encourage them, point out all of their strengths and lift them up. You never know what God has planned for someone and you may be the person God uses to lift them up to do His Will in their lives.

Look at your spouse and your children:

What do you see?

What does God see?

Answer these questions, Be honest with yourself an then answer.

Important Things

When we stop chasing life and slow down, I don’t mean stop working or stop school, I mean slow down by looking around at where you are at in life and cherishing that moment.

When we slow down, we realize that everything we have been working for has always been right their with us and most of us have been missing out on the joys of life worrying about the cares of life.

So my Question to you is:

What is Important To You?

Is it your cares or your Important things?

One more thing,

Remember to live your life now, you can prepare for the future, but don’t let the future over take you and miss out on life.

Cherish Your:

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Life

Make Lots of Memories Together.

That Is What’s Most Important.


Blessings to you and your Family,