Sin is a word people hate thinking or talking about. It makes us want to run and hide.


During the days we live in, now more than ever, we have to deal with sin.


Realizing that sin will lead to only Heartache and Disaster of your soul is hard for most people to understand.


Because, it pleases for a season in your life, but then when your in too deep, everything falls apart for some and others think that they get a way with it, but sin will always catch up with you.


There is a way out of sin, but not many will listen. In the days we are living in, you have to know that your life is ready to go any day.



The only one who can cleanse our sins is Jesus and He is just waiting for us to call out to Him and ask for forgiveness of our sin and Turn from it.


When we receive Jesus in our heart, we have a choice then to choose to do right or to sin.


I would hope we can make right decisions and choose to not sin. There is so much joy in having a clean conscience and knowing where you will spend eternity.

Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee. Psalms 119:11







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