An American Family Again

This world is full of anger. Why? Have you ever just sit and thought about that, I mean it’s something we all need to really think about.

You turn the news on and their talking about riots, murders and all such of things… most of the time we just turn our heads or say a quick prayer.

This is our world also and we need to take a stand for it. 

Do you remember when you where young and got into trouble or your anger would get so bad you just exploded, what would happen?

I know in my family we didn’t get away with anything including a smart mouth or angry fits, next would come go get a hickery switch. (I don’t mean no switch you play a game on lol)

It didn’t take but one good spanking in those days and you didn’t want to do that again. 


Now kids have as much control of there lives as anyone else and look what it has done to them. We need Balance, but the world does not want it.


When will America be ready to be an American Family again? 

That Believed in Freedom, Liberty and Justice. 

That Raised Familes to Respect others and Honor there Elders. 

That Helped there Neighbors & Looked Out for Eachother.


Who Will Be the One that Believes In America Again? It Just starts with one that will take a Stand and then others will follow. 


Do We Want An American Family Again or Riots and Gangs? I Choose An American Family! 


There are American Families waiting for someone to show them what to do, there tired of what they see and experience.


Will You Be The One That Believes In An America Family Again?




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