Kitchen and Dining are a very important part of our families life. It is considered the Heart of the Home, lots of conversations have been had around the kitchen tables.

Many memories of old and all the fun times together gathered together cooking cassorels or baking cookies for the family gatherings.

One thing I wish I had done was paid more attention to my Aunt Nora when she was cooking and showing me how to make her delicious recipes, I would be a better cook, If only I would have listened better. What wonderful times together we had, I cherish them All!

What are some of your favorite around the Kitchen an Dinning table memories?

I remember the wonderful smells that came from the kitchens of all my Aunts houses, they could cook some yummy food.

Chicken and Dumplins, Cubed Steak with gravey and mashed potates, made from scratch biscuits yummy, Oh and my favorite Strawberry Cake.

That’s just a few of the goodies they made. Okra fresh from the field, I remember that so well and it tasted amazing.

In the summer time we would pick peas out of the fields or tomatoes, whatever they wanted. Then everyone gathered together and we shelled peas and prepared them to be put up. It was some of the funnest times, but at that time I thought it was a horrible thing to make us kids do. lol 🙂

You never realize how important time with family or friends is until your older or they are not here any longer. I cherish all the memories I have with my Great Aunts and Great Uncles, they made life so good for me and my siblings.

We used to sit around the Kitchen an Dinning table and play games like cards (rummy), board games such as Sorry, Monolopy (what a long game) and Lots of talking, it was fun fun fun!!!

All through the year were chances to gather, even if it was to just drink coffee or tea and chat for awhile, or just sit and cry together. They were always there for eachother.

I guess that’s where I got my love for family from. I long for the days when we can gather like that again and not care about time but just enjoy eachothers company.

What a joy it is to have people you know care about you and will be there for you no matter what. That’s what I had growing up, My mom and dad where in and out of my life so my Aunt Nora & Uncle Troy took me and my siblings that where still with my mom in when we where young and Loved us as there own.

You’ll never know what joy it brings to my heart knowing that they sacrificed there lives and home to welcome there neices and nephew. There home was truely a home filled with love or we would not be where we are today!

I didn’t mean to get so personal; but as I look back over my life I can see were if God had not alowed me to live with my Aunt and Uncle, there is no telling where I would be today or if I would be alive.


My mom loved us but couldn’t take care of us for very long till she would be calling asking for help from the family to come get us or send her money or no telling what…

I remember my big brother trying to take care of us and me trying to take care of my little sister, we loved eachother and looked after eachother.

That’s what family does, takes care of eachother. Our Brother was very protective of us and made sure we were always safe.

He finally got to not worry about us when we all started staying with our Aunt and Uncle, because he knew we were safe.

When I Grow Up

God’s faithfullness over us, taking care and keeping us safe I will Always cherish. The things we go through in life make us who we are today. We choose the roads to take in life, I remember telling myself as a child, “I will be a great mommy and always be there for my kids”.  The things I experience as a child made me realize what I didn’t want to be when I grew up.

Let’s be honest, we decide our future by the decisions we make in life. I had good and bad actions put before me when I was young, which led to making decisions about my future and if I would have a happy life or repeat what generations had gone through in my family. I Choose to Believe for the Better and make good decisions in my life.

My Family

I chose a Happy Family with No Drama and a Husband and Kids that know I Love them and will Always be there for them!!!

What Will You Choose?

My childhood was not normal, but it was a Blessing to me, because I learned what Family really is, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins… Coming together and showing Love to scared, worried children that didn’t know what would be next with there life, except that when I saw them, I saw Hope, Help and Love. I Loved Them All and there Hugs…

Wish You Had Done List

  • Always tell your Family how important they are to you, don’t let them leave this world not knowing.
  • Ask those Questions you always wanted to ask, don’t put it off any longer.
  • Visit, Visit, Visit them!!!
  • Tell them How much You Love Them!!!
  • “Think of Questions You have wanted to ask but haven’t.”


Remember this, No matter what life throws at you, It’s up to you to push through it and see the good around you. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. If you only Believe, Believe that Faith, Hope and Love do exist and your life has a purpose that you will carry out. Don’t let anyone tell you different!!! Stand Strong, Hold Your Head High and Believe… Believe… Believe… You will Be All God Created You To Be…

Blessings to you,

Renea  I’m Still Believing…