Do You Know That Life Choices Will Effect How We Are Living Life

Our Flesh will try to Control Us!

Our Life choices effect how we feel. How many times have you stopped to see what’s going on inside of you, because you just don’t feel right. Our flesh will try to control us if we don’t say enough is enough. One thing I know about myself is I want allow my flesh to control me or make me give into peer pressure around me.

The outcome is never worth it. When we give in to it, all chaos hits and confusion sits in. All this happens because life got hard and instead of praying and asking for guidance we say I can do this all by myself and don’t need anyone or anything else. Rebellion is our enemy, but our flesh doesn’t see it that way and wants to make it a friend, because rebellion agrees and says yes let’s do that. That’s when we miss up and do what will hurt us or get us into trouble(today or in the future). Don’t take the hard road of life.

We always have a choice, Good or Bad. It’s like having a devil on one shoulder and a angel on the other. They both are telling you to do or go, but you have to make the choice what will you do?

Life Choices

My prayer for us all is that we will go and do what’s right and not harmful to us or anyone. The sad thing is most times people listen to the devil and believe his lies.

We should be making good choices to make our lives and our families lives better. We tend to get like it’s my life and want hurt anyone else, but that’s a lie! Our actions affect everyone around us, family, children, spouse, friends, job… the list goes on and on. You know that enemy whispering in our ear all the bad things to do, even if our flesh thinks they are fun things leads us into dark places in our life that we try to come back from but it’s too late.

Let’s stop and think before we act. Are we ready to live life to the fullest in enjoying our journey or are we going to go into survival mode trying to figure out what happen and why I allowed myself to do the things that hurt me and my family…

It’s ┬áLife Choices and we have to choose which way to go

Will we choose life and a Full life filled with people we love? or

Will we choose to make decisions from a place that takes us down bad roads of life and away from the ones who love us?

I want you to know You are Loved and their is a perfect plan for your life, but it’s up to you to decide if you want to live for yourself or for your future generations that are hoping you make good choices so they can live and not struggle their whole lives.

In John 3:16 of the Bible it says –

For God so Loved the World that He gave His Only begotten Son that Whosoever Believe in Him Should Not Perish but have Everlasting Life.

We are Whosoever and every sin or bad thing we have gave to Jesus, who laid His life on the Cross for our sins so we can have the choice to choose Good or Bad.

Let today be the day we decide to give our life totally over to Good and let Jesus into our life and let a new life begin forgetting all the old but going forward doing the life we know is good. (On a bad day just say I’m sorry I missed up today Jesus Forgive Me)

Believe that you can live a life filled with Hope and Love from our Loving Father God!