Choices We Make In Life


Think about it, how many choices have you made over your life? I know I have had to make a whole lot of them. Starting as a child, we choose to listen or not listen to what we are told. We show love, hate or just don’t really care about things or people. If you look back you can see everyday there has been choices to make. Those choices have made you who you are today.

One more thing about choices is that every time we choose, that is what our yes is to even if our spirit is yelling don’t choose that or don’t go that way. We were born with curiosity to see what things do or how they work, so our choices help us decide if we get burnt or if don’t.

Living Life

I was asked recently about how to help them understand knowing who they are and knowing who they are through Christ?

So many people go around and just live life like they don’t have consequences to their actions. They learn bad habits or just rebel against authority at young ages. This is why we need to teach how to really know who you are and give encouragement to go after the dreams that they have. I have had so many dreams in my life that I just dismissed because others didn’t believe in me or said you can’t do that, But as I look back now I can see where God had plans for me that I missed because of not believing in myself.

All the times I gave up and just let myself down, because I was trying to live life my way, thinking I know who I am and no one can change that. It only lead me to doubt and unbelief. For a season I may have felt confident like yea this is where I’m post to be, but then it all crumblies because I’m trusting in myself and how I can do it my way. Life is more than just living from day to day or just existing.

You have a choice-

Live Life for You or Live Life to the Fullest


When we realize that our identity is in Jesus, our Lord and Savior, we don’t give up, that’s when we stand and go forth in the plans God has given us.

As believers we have to know that we are children of God and that comes with authority.

This brings me to when you know who you are, you have confidence and you will speak for yourself knowing that you got this.

But then theirs knowing who you are through Christ Jesus, then you will stand tall and strong with boldness and authority from God proclaiming His word and His plans for you. The confidence will shine bright and favor will rest upon you. There’s just something about being in the will of God that helps you stay the course and seek God for your life.

You are a child of God and have the Father’s Blessings, remember when life comes at you, keep your focus and trust God.


Our choices in life have consequences. It’s up to us to choose good things and turn from the temptations that are everywhere around us.

When you have choices in front of you and have to decide which way to go choose wisely because your future is ahead of you and your families future also.

This is why knowing who you are is so important.

God’s word says:

 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. Psalms 119:105

My prayer for us all is for God’s mighty hand of protection to be upon us. That God will lead and direct us in every decision and choice we make. Lord, Jesus let favor and blessings go before us and You will make every crooked way straight for us. In Jesus Name, Amen!!

Blessings to you,