Making A Marriage Last Forever

Making a Marriage Last 

Making a marriage last, this involves principles that are rooted in love, respect, faith, and commitment. Here are some key ways to help ensure a strong and enduring marriage:

A marriage that is built with a strong foundation will make it. A strong foundation is based on 3 of you –   1. God and the Couple which make 3, when you put your faith and trust in God as head of your marriage you can make it through anything. The key is to always keep trusting and believing and doing the will of God for your lives. There will be hard days but you will get thru it when your foundation is solid and you stay focused on what’s important in your lives.

Always remember the enemy(the old devil) will put thoughts of doubt in your mind, because he doesn’t want you or your spouse happy, those are LIES that leads to destruction. That’s why we have to have a relationship that’s build on the Love of God and all His plans for us will come true if we will keep the faith and love and treasure one another.

Foundation of Faith:

    • Prioritize your relationship with God individually and as a couple. Regular prayer, attending church services together, and studying the Bible can strengthen your spiritual bond.
  1. Communication:
    • Open, honest, and respectful communication is crucial. Share your thoughts, feelings, and concerns with each other regularly. Listen actively and with empathy.
  2. Love and Respect:
    • Ephesians 5:33 emphasizes the importance of a husband loving his wife and a wife respecting her husband. Show appreciation and honor each other consistently.
  3. Forgiveness and Grace:
    • Recognize that both of you are imperfect and will make mistakes. Practice forgiveness and extend grace to one another, following the example of Christ’s forgiveness.
  4. Quality Time:
    • Spend intentional time together. This could be through date nights, shared hobbies, or simply enjoying each other’s company.
  5. Service and Sacrifice:
    • Serve each other selflessly. This means putting your partner’s needs and well-being above your own at times, reflecting Christ’s sacrificial love.
  6. Shared Goals and Vision:
    • Work towards common goals and have a shared vision for your future. This could include financial planning, parenting, and other life goals. Seek the Will of God for your lives.
  7. Healthy Conflict Resolution:
    • Disagreements are natural. Address conflicts calmly and constructively. Avoid harmful behaviors like blame, criticism, and contempt.
    • Always try to end your day with a Kiss, Hug and I Love You.
  8. Seek Wise Counsel:
    • Sometimes getting guidance from a pastor, a Christian counselor, or a mentor can provide valuable perspective and advice for your relationship.
  9. Intimacy:
    • Physical and emotional intimacy are important components of marriage. Keep the romantic aspect of your relationship alive and maintain a strong emotional connection.
  10. Personal Growth:
    • Continuously work on your personal growth, both spiritually and emotionally. A mature individual contributes to a healthier marriage.
  11. Practice Gratitude:
    • Regularly express gratitude for your spouse and the little things they do. A positive attitude can reinforce a loving atmosphere in your home.
    • Thank each other for the little things and big things they do, because you never know when that one encouraging word could be all they needed that day to let them know how much they mean to you.

By implementing these principles with dedication and mutual effort, a Christian couple can build a lasting and fulfilling marriage.

Making A Marriage Last / Staying Strong Together

The biggest things for making a marriage last are being there for each other, showing respect and love for one another, Praying together and over one another.

These are huge factors for a marriage, I know for me Prayer has been one of the biggest parts of my 35 year marriage and counting that has got us thru and kept that solid strong foundation.

I want to encourage you both to never give up on one another always keep the faith and trust God to be with you and to keep you both in His loving arms of protection, mercy and grace.

Never listen to that negative voice! Always Listen to the loving, caring, nurturing voice and you’ll make it, a strong married couple living a fulfilled life making lasting memories.

Strive, Believe, and Embrace having a Strong Foundation that can’t be Broken. Remember that words matter and Speak Life over your Family!

Blessings to you and your family,


My hubby Dwayne and I have been married 35 wonderful years and have 3 amazing God loving children. Our oldest Jarret is 30, Elizabeth is 23, and Jonathan is 21, we are so proud to be there parents and can’t wait to make more and more memories with them and look forward to everything the future has for us. God is so Faithful to us all!