Faith is Confidence, Trust or Belief in God. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1


Strong Faith is my Hearts Desire, We are in A Faith battle.


I realized that in 2015 when Sarcoidosis sickness hit me, literally upside my head, That Faith is A Weapon and ever time the battle rages, Our Faith Will Fight for us.


Build your Faith, it isn’t your pastor’s, your spouse’s or God’s responsibility. Faith is Your Responsibility to Grow!


The only one who can Guarantee that you Enjoy a Strong Faith is YOU. Feeding your Faith is planting the seed; Hearing the Word over and over again and again, is how you water your seed and Build Your Faith!


I Read this in a devotion the other day and it has stayed with me, We put burglar alarms on our cars, houses, etc., but what kind of alarm did you put on your SOUL? Because that’s the only thing the devil is after!



We are the Most Valueable Possession to God and the enemy hates that.


Now More Than Ever Our Faith Has To RISE!!


We Are Children Of The King Of Kings!!

Enjoy Life,