FUN THINGS YOU CAN DO OVER SPRING BREAK Hey 🙂 Can you believe Spring Break will be here before we know it, this year is passing by fast. Hopefully everyone has all their Christmas up and stored, well except me; we still have some boxes that need put in theContinue Reading

One of the Most Beautiful Places I Know *Alabama* Alabama Has Amazing Scenery All Throughout Waterfalls, Lakes, Rivers, Canyons, Gardens, National Forest, Caverns, Parks and Sandy White Beaches.   Little River Falls/Canyon Little River Canyon, carved over thousands of years by the Little River, is known as one of Alabama’sContinue Reading

Review on * Making Memories      Enjoy Your Journey The Travel Agency caught my eye, we have used it before and enjoyed our stays plus it was easy to book online. operates by selling off unsold travel inventory at discounted prices. The company is headquartered in SanContinue Reading